Trustar solutions is an IT solutions business that aims to provide IT support and products to both large and small enterprises. However, the organizations have a bias on providing solutions to information technology challenges faced by SME’s, Micro enterprises and start ups. This segment of the market has largely been managed IT services providers. Hence the reason why this segement of the market faces a myriad of challenges which Trustar aims t solve through the provision of the following several services:


Most enterprises have embraced the technological innovations of the modern age. However, most SME’s and Micro Enterprises experience challenges in establishing and sustaining fully fledged IT departments. This is due to;

  • The high cost of establishing a fully fledged IT department.
  • Lack of economic sense- the need for IT services might be low vis a vis the cost of maintaining a fully fledged IT department.

In light of this, our organization seeks to save the enterprises from this challenges by providing tailor made solutions. Our organization will upon agreement provide IT support services for your organization. The customer will benefit from these arrangements in that:

  • Access to a highly skilled and efficient team
  • Concentrate on their core business.
  • Low cost -as the customer will only incur cost when the need for IT support arises

The IT support packages available are:

  • Remote IT assistance -where by our technicians will utilize modern systems to provide IT support to your organization without visiting your organization.
  • Complimentary support – whereby a client only request for support when needed and pays for work done.
  • Managed IT support- whereby IT Technician(s) will be attached and based on the client’s premises on a full-time basis.


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